Adventure on the High Line Canal: Charting our Course for the Next Century

The High Line Canal Conservancy is leading a large-scale planning effort to ensure the well-loved Canal trail reaches its greatest potential as an economic, environmental, recreational and social asset along not just some, but all of its 71 miles. Today, well over 350,000 residents reside within one mile of the Canal, and estimates made over five [...]

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Connecting the Canal: A 71 Mile Walking Adventure on the High Line Canal!

At 71 miles long, the High Line Canal is one of the longest continuous urban trails in the country, twisting through the most populated area of Colorado while crossing a diverse mosaic of communities and nature. The Canal originates at Waterton Canyon in Douglas County and runs to Green Valley Ranch in Northeast Denver, falling [...]

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JOIN US for the Conservancy’s Learn + Connect Series

Public open houses scheduled to introduce the High Line Canal Conservancy and upcoming summer outreach efforts for the High Line Canal. The High Line Canal Conservancy will be hosting a series of public events this Spring inviting citizens to learn more about the newly formed Conservancy and its planning initiative to preserve, protect and enhance [...]

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Nature Photographer, Jamie Mandell Focuses on the Beauty and Variety of the High Line Canal

We spoke with nature photographer, Jamie Mandell, about her interest in the High Line Canal. Q: How long have you been a photographer? A:I have been taking pictures since my high school photo class, but I think I became a photographer 10 years ago. I was studying in East Africa during my junior year of college and [...]

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Highlights of the High Line Canal

Mile 1.6: Kassler Center Established in 1901, Kassler was a company town founded by the private company that preceded Denver Water. The company completed the Kassler water treatment plant in 1907 which used the “English” slow sand filtration system to deliver water to a growing region. In 1979, Kassler was designated a national waterworks landmark [...]

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10 Reasons We Love Greenways

Greenways increase property values for homeowners Greenways generate economic activity Greenways bring trail tourism Greenways provide alternative transportation letting people walk and ride their bikes Greenways improve the health of citizens through increased physical activity Greenways make the skies clearer and the land greener Greenways help animals Greenways highlight and connect the [...]

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Denver Cyclist Puts His Own Unique Spin On The High Line Canal

After getting his first two-wheeler at the age of eight, young Denverite, Patrick Brown began a lifelong passion for cycling. Today, a full-grown adult and the manager of Twist & Shout Records, Patrick does not own a car and relies strictly on what he calls a “basic Trek” for transportation. In fact, he loves to [...]

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Brenda’s Story

Brenda Gonzales High Line Canal Story

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