Community Vision for the High Line Canal

High Line Canal Vision Statement
Guiding Principles
natural guiding principle
connected guiding principle
varied guiding principle
managed guiding principle
enhanced guiding principle


To preserve the natural character of the Canal, ensuring it continues to be a natural refuge for the region’s population and wildlife. The Canal’s natural, scenic beauty is integral to its identity.

Connected and Continuous

To maintain and increase the connectivity of the Canal along all 71 miles, preserving and enhancing the Canal’s use as an important continuous resource and part of the regional environmental and trail network.


To respect the variety of communities and experiences along the Canal and to preserve its various physical characteristics of the different character zones through the course of its 71 miles.


To work together in order to preserve and support a long-term, sustainable future for generations to come. Our Canal is a critical, cherished asset for the region.


To enhance the enjoyment and use of the Canal in keeping with its natural and varied character.

Vision Documents

The Vision Plan is a community-driven, forward-looking story of what the Canal can be in the future. It focuses on exploring all opportunities that will help to preserve and enhance the well-loved qualities of this wonderful environmental and recreational asset. The intent of the Vision Plan is to ensure the Canal reaches its greatest potential as an environmental, recreational, social, historic and economic asset along all of its 71 miles.