Outreach + Vision Planning

In 2016 we engaged over 3,500 people in communities along all 71 miles of the Canal to help write the Canal’s next chapter

Four series of community open houses took place June through October of 2016. Each series included three identical community gatherings in various locations along the Canal and represented an important chapter in the mission to chart the High Line Canal’s course for the next century.  Together, the four series followed the arc of a typical story. Chapter One – “Our Journey Begins” kicked off June 8th.  At these introductory open house events, we took a journey together along all 71 miles of the Canal, from the foothills to the plains.

Chapter Two – “A Fork in the Road” took place the week of July 18. This set of community open houses was the second chapter of the story, bringing residents together to focus on the Canal’s future opportunities and challenges. We explored how each of these ideas could impact the Canal’s narrative in the years to come and ask for your feedback.

Chapter 3 – “Our Story” was held the week of September 5. This third chapter focused on presenting the initial vision reached by residents, the draft shared vision for the Canal, asking the public to share their feedback and input on the community-inspired vision for the Canal.

Chapter 4 – “Looking Ahead” was held the week of October 16. This fourth set of open houses represented the final chapter, the draft action plan, determined by feedback from the public. It was focused on implementation and next steps, relying on feedback from the public about the final preferred vision for the Canal.

These community open houses have been just one piece of the puzzle. Through community and civic organizations, strategic input sessions, and by tapping into existing events, the Conservancy has embraced an all-encompassing outreach approach to help write the story of the future of the Canal. View the open house presentations and summaries to the right, and the resulting Community Vision by clicking here.