The Plan for the High Line Canal

New Life for the 71-Mile High Line Canal

The Plan for the High Line Canal (Plan) lays out clear guidance for re-purposing the historic Canal, improving the health of people and the environment, and increasing accessibility and enjoyment for generations to come. With over 100 recommended projects, this plan will guide the Conservancy’s next stage of work, leading to a natural, more connected corridor with improved access, amenities and safety for trail users.

The multi-jurisdictional planning initiative has been grounded by the community with engagement of over 5,000 community members and civic leaders. Following on the heels of a the award-winning Community Vision for the High Line Canal, completed in early 2017, the Conservancy and partners brought the community’s vision to reality in the form of a collaborative framework.

The visionary and collaborative plan reclaims the historic waterway for the region and depicts a new life for this legacy greenway. The Plan recommends over 100 improvement projects, which are exemplified by the Conservancy’s next stage of work, a revitalization initiative. This new initiative will focus on the following projects over the next 18 months:

  • stormwater management
  • landscape and tree care
  • access and signage
  • safety and crossing enhancements
  • education and stewardship opportunities
  • local neighborhood improvements

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Community Input

The planning process has included numerous stakeholder engagements, including 4 Canal-wide public meetings. See below for presentations boards and summaries of the public’s input.

2019 January Open Houses
2018 April Open Houses

Community Vision Plan

In 2016, the Conservancy led a vision planning initiative that engaged over 3,500 community members. To learn more about the resulting Community Vision Plan for the High Line Canal, click below.