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Spring and summer 2019 were great and busy seasons for the High Line Canal Conservancy.

The Connecting the Canal walks in partnership with Walk 2 Connect continues. 11 of the 14 segments have been completed, three of which were themed: historical, botanical and wildlife. We have three walks left of this series; it is not too late to join!

Our beloved High Line Canal received a lot of care and attention thus far this year thanks to our partners and community members. We continued our partnership with Denver Botanic Gardens and hosted seven plant focused botanical bioblitzes where 125 total citizen scientist volunteers made 2,295 observations and identified 226 plant species along the Canal. Our citizen scientist volunteers learned about biodiversity and the importance of the Canal as an ecological corridor in an urban setting.


We also partnered with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado and hosted three noxious weed removal cleanups by DeLaney Farm in Aurora. Noxious weeds are non-native plants that replace native vegetation and disrupt ecosystem. This summer, 53 total volunteers removed 761 lbs. of noxious weeds focusing primarily common teasel, canadian thistle and leafy spurge.

Our Caring for the Canal: Community Cleanups program was a huge success thanks to the support of volunteers, Denver Water and the jurisdictions along the High Line Canal. A total of 8 cleanups brought 281 empowered volunteers who removed 2,545 lbs. of trash from the Canal.

Through this year’s stewardship programs, the High line Canal received over 2,000 hrs. of community service. We also engaged over 450 youths in environmental education through events, stewardship opportunities and presentations. We are beyond appreciative of everyone’s time and effort to protect, preserve and enhance the High Line Canal. Want to get involved with us? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date to find out about our events!

Here is a detailed look at the impact from 2019 programs:

Bioblitzes in partnership with Denver Botanic Gardens
  • 3 trainings, 7 botanical focused bioblitzes, 125 total volunteers*, 2,295 observations, 226 species identified, 18 miles covered and 769 hours of service.
Noxious weed removal in partnership with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado
  • 3 events in Aurora (DeLaney Farm). Focused on the removal of common teasel, Canada thistle, leafy spurge. 53 total volunteers*, 761 lbs. of weeds, 2 miles covered and 159 hours of service.
Caring for the Canal: Community Cleanups (with assistance from Denver and the jurisdictions)
  • 8 total cleanups (6 Caring for the Canal: Community Cleanups, 1 Corporate, 1 Rally for the Canal-ly), 281 volunteers*, 2,545 lbs. of trash removed, 1,124 hours of service, 17 miles covered.
Youth and Environmental Education
  • Aurora Water Festival: 144 youths and 5 hrs.
  • Denver Water Festival: 134 youths and 5 hrs.
  • Graland Country Day: 14 youths and 2 hrs.
  • Aspen Academy: 31 youths and 1 hr.
  • 323 youths engaged in environmental educations through the High Line Canal (not including stewardship opportunities such as biotblitzes and cleanups)
Walk 2 Connect
  • 11 of the 14 segments completed
  • 3 themed walks (History of the Canal, Botanical Biodiversity of the Canal, Wildlife of the Canal)
  • 3 walks left (9/27 Down and Back Plum Creek, 10/4 Foothills, 10/1 The Beginning of the Canal at Waterton Canyon)

*This number reflects the sum of volunteers, not the number of unique volunteers