High Line Canal Future Tree Care

There’s new data and a plan for tree care along the High Line Canal

The High Line Canal Conservancy, Denver Water and leadership from each of the jurisdictions along the Canal’s reach (all part of the High Line Canal Working Group) are working together to take an important step to improve the Canal landscape: initiating a comprehensive tree care plan for all 71 miles. The tree care plan prioritizes safety for users and long-term health of the trees. This tree care plan will be followed by the creation of landscape guidelines and implementation plans, including drought tolerant plantings and other landscape enhancements.

Background: During the summer of 2016, the High Line Canal Working Group completed a comprehensive tree inventory project. This project identified, mapped and assessed all trees with diameters greater than six inches along the High Line Canal corridor. Data was collected on 23,677 trees throughout the High Line Canal corridor, which has served as a valuable tool in assessing the health of the tree canopy.

Conclusions drawn from the tree inventory have led to immediate (Phase I) and long-term planning (Phase II) to preserve and enhance the Canal tree canopy. On the immediate side are the highest priority trees, which need to be removed or pruned due to dead and unsafe conditions. Certified tree service professionals assigned categories of tree conditions based on the severity of health of the trees, which includes recommended actions to improve tree health along the Canal. Click here for more details on the tree data.

The High Line Canal Conservancy is working closely with Denver Water and the jurisdictions to:

  • Establish and monitor standards for removal and pruning that fulfill the Community Vision Plan for the High Line Canal.
  • Coordinate the accounting of each jurisdiction’s investment in the project.
  • Leverage private funding to ensure long-term, high-quality care of the entire tree canopy.
  • Maintain detailed data of the trees and their condition as a tool for long-term management and enhancement.
  • As part of Framework Planning, lead the development of Landscape Design Guidelines, which will establish a long-term plan for tree care, maintenance and enhancements.

Removal and pruning of trees as part of Phase I are expected to begin in fall 2017/winter 2018. . We appreciate your understanding, as there may be some disruptions in the trail during this time. If you have any questions related to the tree care, please contact the High Line Canal Conservancy: hello@highlinecanal.org or (720) 767-2452.

The following map depicts the entire High Line Canal with areas of green and blue indicating high densities of surveyed trees and areas of orange indicating low densities of surveyed trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the tree care begin?

Tree removal and pruning of priority trees are expected to begin in fall 2017/winter 2018. During this time we will also work toward development of a comprehensive tree care program.

How will tree care affect the Canal users?

Tree care specialists working along the Canal will do their best to minimize disruptions along the trail while removing or pruning trees. However, in some areas, there may be trail closures for short periods of time. Stay up to date on any notices by following the Conservancy on Facebook and Twitter, or your local jurisdiction on NextDoor.

Why are trees being removed near the new development of Harrison Oaks in Greenwood Village?

Harrison Oaks is a new development consisting of eleven single-family residential lots. Access to the development will be achieved a pedestrian and a vehicular bridge installed over the High Line Canal. To allow for safe bridge installation and access for the development, Harrison Oaks will be removing approximately forty trees on the High Line Canal in the immediate vicinity of the project.

The High Line Canal Conservancy is working with Denver Water, the owner of the canal, and other partner jurisdictions, such as Greenwood Village, to develop a master plan for long-term tree care, plantings and management that aligns with the recently adopted Community Vision Plan.

Who do I call if I’m concerned about the trees along the canal corridor?

Please contact the High Line Canal Conservancy for any concerns, questions of comments about the trees. The Conservancy will direct your inquiry to the appropriate agency. hello@highlinecanal.org or (720) 767-2452.

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